It started with a simple problem. We love shoes and I believe that if you’re here, you share this common love for sneakers like we do. The problem? My wallet could not match up with my passion for sneakers.  It would easily take me a couple of months to save up my minimum wage to be able to afford a pair that I really like. 

I eventually joined a major sportswear company and started to get more hands on experience with logistics and manufacturing processes. As I got more involved, I was exposed to the supply chains of major corporations. What I witnessed blew my mind.

It comes with no surprise that these large players have their production situated in countries with low labor costs like China and Vietnam.

But what goes unnoticed is the sheer production capacity these factories are capable of. To capitalize on their economies of scale, the factories must produce extremely large quantities. Of which, only a small portion goes to retail.

This is done to create the illusion of a ‘limited’ and ‘exclusive’ product range.

And a majority of these ‘exclusive’ shoes are produced but not sold.

Thousands of leftovers are sitting in warehouses waiting to replace inspection fails or defective batches that were sent to retail. 

And the question that is left is, what happens to the pairs that do not go to replacing defective retail stock?

Since scarcity and exclusivity drives prices up, these ‘extra’ pairs are left behind and meant to be destroyed.

That’s where we come in

With years of on the ground experience in China and South East Asia, our team at The Minted Project have knocked on doors, gotten rejected, and scoured the grounds to build up a strong network of original design manufacturers that we have today. 

Gone are the days of getting called out – working with the original design manufacturers, we are able to bring these Unauthorized Genuine products to you at reasonable prices.

As the different manufacturers construct different parts of the products, we collect these leftover components and assemble them at our own warehouse.

Our team of assemblers are highly skilled and experienced labor recruited from the assembly plants of the big brands that were unfortunately severely underpaid. By motivating these workers with a fairer paygrade, we have built a strongly directed team that pays close attention to detail and pride themselves in their precision. 

Bypassing the traditional routes of branding, distributing and retailing, we have found the quickest (and lowest costing) pathway to getting these highly iconic streetwear directly from the source to you.

We guarantee that while protecting your bank accounts, our products here at The Minted Project are of the highest quality, second to none.

Here at The Minted Project, we believe that footwear should be made affordable.

The Minted Project stemmed from an idea - a concept that seeks to inspire, and build a community amongst people who wish to live out the streetwear culture, whilst ensuring their pockets don't hurt.

This is why we're dedicated to specially curating the very best footwear, with an emphasis on the latest trends and highest quality just for the sneakerheads across all cultures.

After all, everyone should be able wear what they want without having to break the bank.

We Are The Minted Project.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us here or on our social media platforms.

Stay Minted,
The Minted Project